Jeffery A. Miller Catering

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Our Food

We have an itch to make it from scratch.

For you. By hand.

From the house-cured prosciutto, hanging for months in our cold room, to the artisanal epis we bake in our pizza oven, to the gelato made by our pastry chef with lavender from our garden out back—know if it’s on our menu, we made it for you, ourselves, by hand.


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Fresh from the source.

Our urban garden

We believe that food preparation begins even before the ingredients reach the kitchen. That’s why we grow many of the herbs and vegetables we use in our recipes right in our own organic garden. Tended by our chefs, this garden is the origin of many of the wonderful flavors you’ll find at your table. 




Our charcuterie

At Jeffrey A. Miller all of our charcuterie is cured in house. Our chefs use both cold and hot smoking techniques to create mouthwatering saucisson sec, coppa, pancetta, sopressata and pâté de campagne. Whether we're using a whole pig, spring lamb or side of beef, we devote time and attention to creating a delicious artisanal feast for you and your guests.