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Dwight Amole Banquet Director
 My most memorable meal was a dinner with friends in a neighborhood Piazza in Rome on a hot July summer night. Dinner included several wines to accompany a 10 course meal. All for about $25. What a deal! 
Kim Bates Venue Manager and Event Designer
What is your favorite part of a wedding? 
With over 20 years in the restaurant industry, my favorite part of the "actual" wedding is it's a happy occasion; everyone comes happy. In a restaurant you need to keep people constantly happy. Maybe the hubby didn’t' want to go out to eat because a football game was on, but his lovely wife complained until they went out. Now,  the hubby is angry, they're not talking and keeping them happy is more challenging. At a wedding, it's a happy time: you don't have to appease people so much. 
Jennifer Beebe Event Designer

Jenn joined the JAM team in 2017, although she has been in the event planning world for well over a decade. Married with two children and two dogs, she loves staying active and keeping busy in the community. Her expertise is in the details. As a graphic designer, specializing in social invitations, this is no surprise that she ended up as one of our event coordinators! Jenn’s passion is to help create a unique and memorable event for each one of her clients. She quotes: “My favorite moment at a wedding is right before the Bride walks down the aisle. There is so much excitement felt by all; it’s the kick off of a really wonderful night for the happy couple!”

Erika Borton Genral Manager / Event Designer

My favorite part of my client’s wedding day is definitely the moment before the bride walks down the aisle.  The look on the bride’s face when she needs to take a deep breathe because the doors are about to open to all of her closest friends, family and of course her soon to be husband… well let's just say it’s hard to keep a dry eye.  Truly priceless!

Liz Bush Corporate Events Manager

What is your favorite part of an event?

My favorite part is right at the beginning when the guests first walk in, and I get to see their first impression of all the food, displays and decor. You spend a lot of time making sure everything is set up perfectly and there are a lot of moving parts, but its so wonderful when that all comes together and the guests are wowed by the experience. 

Tom Covello Site and Sales Manager
Tom has been involved with the wedding and event industry in various capacities for over 30 years; and associated with Jeffrey Miller Catering for the past eight. He prides himself on his ability to produce masterful weddings and events specific toeach client. Tom has earned a wonderful reputation for service and creativity that havebecome his hallmark; incorporating current trends to articulate your vision. You will certainly benefit from his creative interpretation of your ideas, his passion forflawless events and his dynamic sense of style.
Angela Dilella Venue Manager and Event Designer
What is your favorite part of a wedding?
I love wedding cakes - the designs, the toppers from funny to beautiful, and of course, the tastes!
What do you like most about your venue?
I love both Tyler Arboretum and the Anthony Wayne House because I worked in an office with no windows for my entire career in higher ed, retired and now these wonderful outdoor properties are my offices!
Andrea Duca Event Designer

Andrea joined JAM in 2017. She earned her Undergraduate and Masters at Saint Joseph's University in Education. She is a full-time teacher in Central Bucks and in the summer she also works at Citizens Bank Ballpark as a Suite Attendant for aramark. When she has down-time, especially during the summertime, she enjoys laying on the beach and being around family and friends. 

Her favorite part of a wedding is watching the reactions of the Father of the Bride and the Groom when they see the bride for the first time. It has so much meaning during those two special moments. 

Lauren Ficca Event Designer
What is your favorite part of a wedding?  When the couple comes back down the aisle after the ceremony – the look of “whoa we just got married”  it’s the best, as if nothing else in the world matters at this moment but the partner on their arm.
What was your first job?  Waitressing at a country club – I didn’t work the weddings there but would sneak up to look at them.  I loved watching the weddings, seeing how every event was in the same space but it was transformed into something different every weekend. 
What do you like most about your venue?  The beauty.  I work at venues with an outdoor/rustic vibe.  It is so beautiful to be married outside in the grass, surrounded by nature, family and friends – then head right into cocktail hour for some awesome food!  I love the displays we do too, the harvest table and signature drink make cocktail hour something totally special.  
Anthia Graham Venue Manager and Event Designer
What was your favorite meal?

When I was about 13 years old I had a girlfriend from Spain who invited me to her home for dinner. Her mother made this incredible paella that I still think about today.

What are some fun facts about you?

I went back to school in my 50’s to study culinary arts and catering management.

I played in dinner and community theater in my 20’s. I love to sing and dance.

Crissi Jolly Event Designer
What is your favorite part of a wedding?
My favorite part of a wedding is when I have just sent the bride down the aisle.  I know that this is truly the beginning of the rest of her life.  I sometimes even text my husband - "I Love You!" 
Shelley Kratz Event Coordinator
When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my daughter, Allison, and my pampered puppy, Amelia Minuet - Princess of Limerick (AKA “Mia”). My favorite part of a wedding is the moment the couple sees each other for the first time whether it be the first look or walking down the aisle!
Mandy Lightcap Venue Manager and Event Designer
What was your first job?
My first job was...weddings!  I started as a banquet server when I was 14.  I always appreciated that pretty much all of the guests are having such a good time - they leave their stresses at home for a few hours (and most of them have no bill to pay at the end of the night - what's not to like?).  I loved that I could do my job while listening to music in such a fun atmosphere - didn't matter to me if I was clearing dirty dishes.  I always feel privileged to be a part of such a precious and personal event - and my favorite part for sure is when someone starts crying love-ful tears. 
Dana McCullough Event Designer
What was your first job?

My first job was working at Gentiles produce market when I was 15. I loved getting to try new and exotic fruits and vegetables before they were more popular-- hence my love for Asian pears and Star fruit! 

Shannon Mullane Venue Manager and Event Designer
What do you like most about your venue?
What’s not to like!?  As you turn into the park at Audubon you are greeted with a beautiful long tree lined driveway--no matter what time of year, it is stunning.  The sunsets are amazing!  The park , while peaceful and quiet all week, fills with so much joy and laughter as the guests arrive to celebrate with their loved ones. 
Catherine Piechoski Event Designer
What is your favorite meal or restaurant?
I love The Homestead Inn in NJ. It used to be a small, private restaurant that you needed to know someone in order to get a reservation. I am the 4th generation to be going there and my family has made some great memories there. 
Christina Sanchez Event Designer
What is your favorite part of a wedding?
There are so many parts of a wedding that I love!  But the one that has become my favorite is the few minutes right before being announced and welcomed by their loved ones into their reception.  I always make sure to take of picture of the happy couple right before they walk out. Each couple is so different at this moment – some are cool and calm, some are nervous, and some are already dancing and giddy with excitement – but EVERY time, they are filled with so much happiness.
Andi Schilawski Event Designer
Originally from Venezuela (and yes, Latin people know how to party!) where I graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design, creating and designing innovative pieces has always been a part of me but being a Wedding Planner has been my dream for as long as I can remember, so I decided a few years ago to leave the graphic design world and go for my Wedding and Event Planning certification and jump head first into this fun world.
I am a pro cake eater (yup!, I will eat any cake, anywhere and at any time) and a world traveler wannabe, you know like those people who just quit their jobs and go travel the world?, except that I do have a husband, two kids and a dog to take care of and I love my job so wouldn't like to leave it... so maybe instead I'll just keep going on occasional trips whenever we can get babysitters (aka grandparents). I love photo booths, teaching Zumba and BodyFlow and eating sushi.
Laura Shoup Marketing Director
Venue Manager and Event Designer
What is your greatest non-work-related accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishments are my children, Gabe, 18, and Bo, 15, but also -my first hike with my family to the top of a 46er (46 peaks higher than 4,000 ft elevation in the Adirondacks).  Five hours up and seeing my kids' faces full of accomplishment when they made it to the top.  Looking out to the world from up there is a feeling like no other- we now have a family goal to finish all 46.


Cassie Smith General Manager/Event Designer Tyler Arboretum

What do you like most about your venue?

The Tyler Arboretum is unique in a way that gives its guest a variety of ceremony and reception sites to make for an array of set ups for weddings and events. Driving down the beautifully tree lined road to the Arboretum, sets the tone as you enter the site.  No matter the season, the beauty that is Tyler, evolves and never disappoints.  Tyler boasts 600 acres of an array of flowers, trees hundreds of years old, one of the largest Rhododendron collections in the world and lush greenery, making this location perfect for any event. And even better, Mother Nature has already arranged the décor!  When you have an event at Tyler it becomes an “adventure” filled with magic and wonderment, a day that you and your guests won’t soon forget!

Lindsay Smith Event Designer
Lindsay joined the JAM team as an Event Designer in January 2017.  She graduated from West Chester University with a masters in public health, and her background in nonprofit events led to an interest in wedding planning.  Lindsay plans for JAM part-time, alongside her career as a health educator.  Lindsay’s favorite part of a wedding is the first dance, because each song chosen has such a special meaning, and it is the last private moment the couple has before party time.  Lindsay loves to ask her clients why they chose Audubon for the big day – and the answers always vary in the best way.  Some couples met hiking the trails, some visited the park years ago on a school field trip, and some just take a tour and truly connect with the rustic atmosphere.  Lindsay is looking forward to learning why you chose Audubon for your wedding, and transforming the space to what you would like it to be for your big day!
Ashley Watson Event Designer and Party Captain

Ashley joined the JAM team in 2005 as a part time banquet server. She naturally excelled in her position and moved to Audubon’s primary staffing captain and has joined event coordination team. Ashley’s full-time career is a teacher in the Philadelphia school district. Ashley will be celebrating her nuptials at Audubon in the summer of 2019!

From Ashley: My favorite part of a wedding is watching the newlyweds kick off their shoes
and enjoy themselves on the dancefloor with their family and friends.

Maria Weingrad Sales and Event Designer - Waterloo Village

I am an explorer at heart, a spiritual person who loves cats and loves to be out in nature.  I enjoy being creative; my newest undertaking is making fairy garden terrariums!  I have a passion for baking and cooking and was lucky enough to have owned my own bakery/cafe.  I’ve learned that anyone can do anything or be anything they want in life; all you need to do is go after it by following your heart.  I also love to see people happy, and I feel it's an honor to be part of someone’s special day, a day they will remember forever.

Monika Zadroga Event Designer

After college, I worked as an online travel agent specializing in destination weddings and honeymoons. That path led me to be an event planner for corporate events in Philadelphia.  I took time off to be a stay-at-home mom and just recently decided I wanted to get back into planning.  I decided to sign up for a Certificate Program at Temple University in Wedding Planning and Consulting and that brought me to Aldie Mansion! 

What do you like to do when you aren't working?  

I love spending quality time with my family and friends., going to the beach, trying new adventures, cooking, traveling and trying all the great food! 

What is your greatest non-work-related accomplishment? 

My greatest accomplishment is definitely being a mom to my three sons. I also love volunteering and giving back. I had the opportunity to go to Haiti and help in a childrens hospital and orphanages. That amazing experience was life changing and will always stay with me!

Craig Zeserman Venue Manager and Event Designer
What is your greatest non-work-related accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment would be my three children. I've helped raise three great kids that have grown up to be kind and respectful to others. They're pretty good looking young adults if I must say so myself.

What do you like to do when you're not working?

I enjoy going to rock concerts, working out at the gym and spending time outdoors. I've turned my youngest son on to classic rock music and he loves going to concerts with me.