Jeffrey A. Miller Catering was born in 1980 as a brunch-in-bed school project by founder Jeff Miller, then a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. While studying entrepreneurship during the school year, Jeff used his summers to train in some of the best kitchens in the world, working in New York, London, and a Michelin three starred restaurant in the south of France.

The attention to food quality and service that made these restaurants great is what inspired Jeff to try to reinvent catering, transforming an old style of boring, cookie-cutter banquet food into a unique culinary experience. This spirit guides the kitchen and all aspects of the company today. What started as a one-man band is today a complex organization with more than 40 full time employees.

Our continuing dedication to exceptional service, delicious, food and attention to detail has established our reputation in the Philadelphia region. Despite our success and growth, Jeffrey A. Miller Catering has held on to its founding core values, which include providing exceptional customer service, one client at a time. We believe our passionate pursuit of these values has set us apart and made what we are today.